Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Which is why we think you deserve a high five just for being you. Scroll down for 20 other reasons you should give or get a #highfive today plus bonus ways to enjoy National High Five Day.

photo: Counselling via pixabay

1. The kids ate breakfast. Like almost all of it.

2. 20 minutes went by without an argument.

3. Your child made her bed.

4. You made your bed.

5. You came up with a plan for dinner before noon.


6. They made an amazing LEGO sculpture.

7. You took turns reading pages in a book, even if your littles can’t read yet.

8. Your sweetie drew you a picture.

9. You drew yourself a bath.

10. The whole family went for a walk together.

family walkphoto: C.C. Chapman via flickr

11. Everyone pitched in to clean up a room.

12. You raced them to get dressed, and they won.

13. You finally made/sent out thank you cards. Or at least one.

14. The library is open.

15. You got the stickers off the table/dresser/floor.

16. You and the kids engineered the most epic marble run ever.

17. Everybody danced.

18. You have the most adorable kids around.

19. You are an awesome parent.

20. They went to sleep.

little girl sleeping photo: Jenny Lee Silver via flickr

5 Ways to Celebrate High Five Day with the Kids


1. Practice some sleight of hand with some easy illusions for budding magicians.

2. Learn a secret handshake.

3. Use their hands (and feet) to make adorable artwork.

4. Let the kids lend a “hand” around the house.

5. Try doing a handstand!

What did you give or get a high five for today? Don’t leave us hanging! Tell us in the comments below.

—Amber Guetebier