We asked Red Tricycle readers what videos their kids are obsessed with, and their answers did not disappoint! While an overwhelming number of parents reported an unhealthy fixation with Surprise Eggs and Unboxing videos, there is plenty of additional weirdness to keep kids entertained for hours over Christmas break after they tire of their new toys. Read on.

1. Bouncy Houses Inflating/ Deflating 

No, not a video of kids playing in a bouncy house. Kids – over 6 million for the video below- apparently like watching videos of a bouncy house inflating and deflating.

2. Toy Trains Crashes 

While some kids may be satisfied watching training happily circle the tracks, over 19 million other children prefer to watch the trains crash head-first into each other.

3. Boy Brushing His Teeth 

If only we could get our kids to focus as intently on brushing their own teeth as they do watching this video of another kid brushing his teeth. Watched over 10 million times. 

4.Trash Collectors

Hoping you might be your kids hero/role model? Think again. Trash collectors are the new Batman. With over 13 million kids watching their superhero in action.

5. Princesses Singing  

What’s better than 1 princess singing? Apparently, seven princesses singing. At least according to the 160 million kids who have watched this video. 

6. Slow Motion Water Balloon Fight 

Almost everything is better in slow motion. Have you ever seen a dog shake his head in slow motion? This slo-mo water balloon fight has captivated over 9 million kids. 

7. Babies Blowing Bubbles 

Little kids love babies. And bubbles. So it’s no surprise this video has been watched over 141,000,000  times.

8. LEGO Minifigs Fishing 

Stop-motion animation is cool. Especially if things are crashing and blowing up, right? Over 11 million kids might disagree, as they prefer the tranquility of watching LEGO minifigs fish.

9. Girl on Waterslide 

Ok, watching kids on waterslides is pretty awesome. Carla Underwater and her dad with his GoPro put on a pretty good show according to their 13 M followers. 

10. Construction Truck Compilation  

Usually, the “construction truck” video phase is shorter than the train phase (which sometimes carries over into adulthood). You’re looking at a mere 18-24 months of watching the same 3-4 videos. Daily.

11.Hamsters Running on a Wheel

Hamsters + Hamster toys + the Hobby Kids (over 20million subscribers) is a recipe for fun.

12. Surprise Eggs

If you’ve been living under a rock, or are new to this parenthood thing, then perhaps you haven’t heard of Surprise Egg videos. For everyone else, our condolences.

13. Unboxing LEGO videos

The time-lapse brick building we totally understand, but sitting through the monotony of unpacking the dozens of unassembled plastic bags? Apparently, 11 million kids think it’s cool.

14. Kids Playing on the Playground

When you ask your kids if they want to go to the park, they say no. Then you find them zoned out watching other kids going down the slide over and over again. 

15. Daddy Finger 

When we first heard about Dad Finger, we thought it was another “Charlie Bit My Finger” video, which is cool, since it;s only a minute long. Kids have watched these hour-long Daddy Finger nursery rhymes videos over 52 million times. Time to invest in headphones.  

16. Elsa Eating Everything Video

If you are looking for pop culture cred on the playground, this Disney Frozen stop-motion claymation video has had over 200 million views since February. 

17. A Family Shopping at Toys R Us

Can you imagine what it would be like running through an enormous toy store, grabbing whatever you want? Now you don’t have to.

18. Firetruck Compilation 

You’ll definitely want headphones for this one.

19. Candy Challenges 

Candy challenges (the sourer the better) soda challenges and hot snack foods are the domain of tweens. 

20. Seven Super Girls 

Weekly adventures from seven different girls (they each post a video a different day of the week). Targeted toween/teens, but apparently younger girls love them too (and all videos are parent approved and published).

21. Steam Train Compilation  

What’s better than watching toy trains crash? Watching real life trains go through tunnels, over bridges and into the countryside. 

22. Cute Baby Animals 

What else do we need to say?