You’re probably already familiar with Horizon Organic’s milk cartons. And you may even have their Tuberz yogurt and cheese sticks on your Back-to-School shopping list.

Did you know they have a bunch of new products that extend way beyond that? Here are half a dozen yummy items that make lunchbox-packing and after-school snacking even easier.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Satisfy their pasta cravings with organic Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Horizon Organic’s line includes Deluxe Mac, Classic Mac, Organic Mac and Protein Mac.

Super Squeeze
The new Super Squeeze products come in flavors Mixed Berry, Strawberry and Orange. Your kids will enjoy the creamy blend of organic milk and real fruit in a portable, convenient snack.

Say goodbye to after-school munchies with Horizon Organic’s organic crackers. Choose from Cheddar Snack crackers and Golden Wheat Snack crackers.

Fruit Snacks
Finally, a fruit snack you can feel good about! These new, organic fruit snacks are free of artificial colors or preservatives. Win!

Graham Crackers
Will they choose honey, cinnamon or chocolate? Perfect for an on-the-go snack, these new Graham Crackers are made with organic wheat and offer up eight grams of whole grains per serving.

Apple Fruit Crunchers
These simple snacks come in convenient pouches, perfect for your kiddo’s lunchbox. They’re made with organic dried apples and nothing else!