You’re totally a Target shopper. You walk the aisles, stare at the big red bullseye and wonder how you ever lived life before finding the big box retailer. After all, without Target where else could you fill a cart with hundreds of dollars’ worth of bath fizzers, air fryers, bedding, picture frames, protein bars, yoga pants and dog treats that you completely don’t need. And that’s after going in to buy (and apparently forgetting) a 24-pack of water. Well, one very young super-fan might just loooooove the store more than you do. And here’s why.


When Emily Kern posted her 3-year-old daughter’s party pics on Facebook, the internet went wild. So why did a seemingly simple birthday bash for a preschooler get so much attention? Hmm. It might have something to do with the party theme.

Yep. Kern’s daughter is Target’s littlest biggest fan — and asked for a party that was themed after the store. You’ve seen cartoon-themed parties, under water bashes and ones that were all about the Disney princesses. But, a Target party?

With bullseye décor, lots of red and white and a silver “Target” balloon display, this 3-year-old’s party was surely one of a kind.

What was your child’s theme choice for their last birthday party? Share their pick in the comments below.