Nanobébé’s patented design improves the entire process of bottle feeding breastmilk.  From pumping, storing, warming to feeding, nanobébé protects your milk, preserves its nutritional value and gives baby an experience second only to direct breastfeeding.

Pump: Thanks to its natural, breast-like design, the nanobébé feeding bottle makes it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding.Each nanobébé package comes with a breast pump adaptor included so you can pump directly into your nanobébé bottles- it’s that easy!

Store: We’ve made our feeding bottles stackable, so you can save storage space in your fridge and track your pumping order. A storage cap is included with each bottle.

Warm: Our bottle warms 2 times faster than standard bottles, satisfying baby’s immediate hunger needs (and super helpful in the middle of the night).

Feed: Our famillier shape encourages an instictual transition. You and your family can all enjoy feeding time. Your baby will love holding the nanobébé bottle, it’s domed shape and concave base make it ideal for tiny hands.

All-in-one system for happy feedings!


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