To kids, Easter eggs means a case of hidden trinkets and tie-dyed fun —but for many artists and crafters out there, there’s a tremendous amount of effort put into shell decorations beyond your traditional store bought designs (aka foil wrapped goodness). For awe-inspiring fabulous DIY to diamond encrusted finds, check out these 18 Easter eggs that are too precious to crack open.

Most Expensive Easter Egg
German jewelry designer Peter Nebenguas created a collection of stunning eggs in Fabergé style. His eggs are known as one of the most expensive Easter egg collections on Earth, and that’s because they are made with gold and platinum and encrusted with rubies, sapphires and diamonds.


Peacock Egg
This pretty eggie was submitted by Li Shen in 2010 to an auction at Open Fields School in New Hampshire. As one of the prettiest eggs submitted, this egg definitely had the necessary flair to garner enough proceeds towards a good cause — school education.

Pysanka Egg
Pysanka is the Ukrainian art form of decorating hollowed eggs with beeswax. The detail and precision behind this work of art obviously led to it being sold fast! At least we’ve got these amazing pictures over at Katy’s blog to gawk at.katy egg

Chocolate Eggs
We had to add this chocolate egg to our list, because it’s so much more than that (it’s actually cheesecake, yum!) Looking very reminiscent of those sweet Cadbury eggs, these double as a DIY and baking project for the fancy Easter enthusiast. Steph, an intrepid baker and founder of Raspberri Cupcakes, gives instructions with no shortage of pictures on how to make these confections at home.chocolate cheesecake

Fabergé Winter Egg
Fabergé eggs are infinitely famous for their excessive but beautiful decor. But this Winter Egg really takes the cake. Made of rock crystal, platinum and diamonds, the 19th century Winter Egg typically sits on block of melting ice and holds a bouquet of spring flowers to symbolize happiness and renewed hope.


Cute Crochet Eggs
If you don’t know how to crochet, these quick and easy pattern would be a great starting point. It may even inspire your kiddos to try a new hobby. Plus, you can stuff these eggs with whatever you want (cotton, fabric, beads, etc) for another spring treat. Check out the tutorial by Mama Chee here.


Henna Burnt Egg
Made via pyrography (a fancy word for burning wood), the pattern on this wooden egg is inspired by springtime blooming and the revival of nature. We love how this mehndi henna design is simple enough for year-round decoration. See more of these eggs at Pockets of Art.henna burned wood

Colorful Nesting Eggs
Many are familiar with Russian nesting dolls and these wooden eggs from Australian company Blank have the same purpose. For Easter they’re excellent for hiding toys and candies from large to small. Plus, it’s way prettier than plastic eggs and more environmentally friendly. nesting eggs

These little babies are a tradition in Mexico, and are essentially the egg-y version of a pinata. While they are beautifully decorated on the outside, the inside is filled with confetti or glitter. Gently crack them onto people’s heads for good luck at celebrations. You can make DIY versions at home or buy them from Gracie’s Eggies on Etsy. cascarones

Polymer Clay Egg
This gorgeous egg gets it’s color not from paint or paper, but clay. Jeanie covers blown goose eggs in super colorful polymer clay in a marbled pattern, perfect for an Easter centerpiece. These unique goose eggs make great home pieces. Check out Jeanie Wolen‘s shop for more psychedelic colors. Jeanie Wolen

Ukrainian Egg Ornaments
These ones from the Ukrainian Etsy shop are definitely top notch. Ukranian Easter Eggs shop owner Katya paints all of the ornaments herself in Pysanka style–gorgeous!  Each pattern is so intricate and unique, that they’ll definitely make great gifts for your loved one. Check out the ginormous ostrich egg below!


Carved Lace Egg
This craft carefully carved egg is super impressive. The Nest at Windy Corner shop owner, Beth Ann carves all these little specialties by hand using a dremel drill. She stylizes them after classy Victorian lace, making them gorgeous pieces that’ll make your great grandma smile. Check out her creative process in a nutshell (or eggshell?) on Youtube.

Rhea Egg

Huichol Beaded Eggs
These are a relatively new art form of western central Mexico–and truly a unique result. Each bead is applied to the egg with beeswax into colorful symbols of the Huichol people. Check out all the great designs on her Etsy shop, Huichol Arte.Huichol Egg

Silk Dyed Eggs
Here’s a DIY project from Dabbled that kiddos can enjoy for the day. The pattern from a silk necktie comes off onto the egg while boiling in vinegar water. Who would have thought crazy neckties could create something so beautiful.

Dabbled Silk Dyed

Naturally Dyed Eggs
We give these eggs props for being healthy and pretty at the same time. Gorgeous colors are created using dyes from natural ingredients like cabbage, onion skin, and cranberries.  And instead of the obligatory stickers or those plastic thingies that shrink an image onto your eggie, learn how about imprints from freshly cut flowers and leaves from from Big Sis Lil Sis.Natural Dyed

Faberge Imperial Eggs
When it come to eggs, it doesn’t get more luxurious than Faberge. The Imperial Lillies of the Valley Egg was an anniversay gift from Czar Nicholas to his wife. Of course it’s decorated with diamonds and pearls, but the sweetest thing on this egg are the framed photos of himself and their two eldest daughters, Olga and Tatiana, that rise from the top. See more of these royal eggs over faberge

Pretty Package Eggs
These gems are a fun and inexpensive way to make Easter even prettier. You can totally do this project at home with a little newspaper, glitter and ribbons. Check out how to complete this project over at Inspireco.Amy Powers

Mini Egg Cakelet
Here’s incredible yet edible egg that your kiddo will love to get their hands on. Although it’s so pretty, you may want to lock it up in a jewel case. It’s one of the many masterfully crafted cakes from Cupcake Envy in North Carolina and they take online orders–bonus!cupcake envy

Which eggstra special eggie is your fave?

—Katie Garcia