Raise your hand if you’ve ever waited for your Amazon package, only to discover it’s been swiped right off your porch? Amazon Key for Garage is here to stop those would-be package thieves in their tracks.

Key by Amazon, which debuted last year, allows for in-home package delivery, whether you’re home or not. Now Amazon is expanding the service to customer garages! You can totally manage your garage door’s opening and closing straight from the Key app. Not only can you use the app to monitor what’s going on with your door when you’re away, but eligible Prime members can use the service to have deliveries made to their garage.

Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire

Amazon is more than aware of the problem of stolen packages, especially following the holiday season. According to Jeff Meredith, CGI President and Chief Operating Officer, “A self-contained extension of the home, the garage offers a convenient destination for delivery hurdles such as potential theft and missed deliveries. We are proud to collaborate with Amazon on this game-changing in-garage delivery initiative.”

While Amazon Key for Garage is not yet available, the company announced that it had plans to launch the service sometime in early 2019.

—Erica Loop




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