Whether newly initiated or a repeat offender, one thing all new parents share is a serious lack of sleep. You can hardly remember what day it is much less when you last fed your precious peanut. And with all the feedings, diaper changes, and more feedings—who has time to keep up on the latest tricks of the trade? We do. We tapped and tested an army of apps to find the ten best tools that will help make life a bit easier for those that just welcomed a wee one.


Visiting grandma but forgot the baby monitor? No problem. Download the Baby Monitor app and put your iPhone next to your little love. If your device detects noise, it will call or text the number of your choice. You can even adjust the setting to buzz you after a certain number of sounds if you aren’t the type to jump at the first cry. This app is also a great sub for those times when your regular monitor is out of range (we mean working in the garden people, not running out to the grocery store).

$4.99 on iTunes

  • BabyMonitor
  • Flashlight
  • BabyShusher
  • Baby Tracker: Nursing
  • BabySitter
  • White Noise Baby

  • Hipstamatic
  • CollegeSave
  • SitOrSquat
  • BabyCenter My Baby Today

How do you keep track of your tots? Have a favorite app? Tell us below!

–Phebe Wahl

Photos courtesy of iTunes