Before your new bundle arrives, or in the early days, update your phone with a host of new baby apps that will help you survive the newborn stage. From sound machines that’ll help you get a few more moments of sleep to an app that’ll be your social network, your photo library, and even your calendar—all rolled into one. We tapped and tested an army of apps to find the best tools that will help make life a bit easier for those that just welcomed a wee one.

Chart Baby’s Day

The newborn stage is all about eating and sleeping (and pooping). So the Eat Sleep app tracks all of that for you in detail. Log bottles and breastfeedings. Clock in times that baby sleeps and wakes (you may even start to see a pattern one day!). And watch those dirty diapers to ensure your little is eating enough.

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How do you keep track of your tots? Have a favorite app? Tell us below!

–Julie Seguss & Phebe Wahl

Photos courtesy of iTunes; featured photo courtesy of iphonedigital via flickr


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