Before your new bundle arrives, or in the early days, update your phone with a host of new baby apps that will help you survive the newborn stage. From sound machines that’ll help you get a few more moments of sleep to an app that’ll be your social network, your photo library, and even your calendar—all rolled into one. We tapped and tested an army of apps to find the best tools that will help make life a bit easier for those that just welcomed a wee one.

Help Baby Sleep

With more sounds than the average white noise machine and go-anywhere ease, the White Noise Baby app wins our vote for drowning out outside sounds when Baby is trying to snooze. It includes 20 soothing ambient sounds to help you—uh, we mean your baby—snooze. Choose from options like traditional white noise to “truck ride” or “vacuum cleaner,” there is something to soothe all sleepers. There is even a timer system that slowly fades audio in and out so you can sneak your phone back once baby drifts off and if you leave your device in the nursery, you can set it up to come back on when crying is detected.

Available on, $0.99; and, free.

How do you keep track of your tots? Have a favorite app? Tell us below!

–Julie Seguss & Phebe Wahl

Photos courtesy of iTunes; featured photo courtesy of iphonedigital via flickr


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