The waning days of summer may have some kids scrambling to squeeze in as much extracurricular fun and sun before the start of a new school year, but parents can help their little geniuses put on their thinking caps and refocus on learning with a bumper crop of edutaining apps. Flip through our picks of some of the newest and coolest apps that’ll delight students of all ages and get their noggins back into gear.

Cosmic Watch: Time and Space

For junior astronomers who want to explore the universe from their mobile devices, Cosmic Watch provides an immersive, interstellar experience. The app includes beautiful, 3D models of Earth, the solar system and many constellations. Users can view celestial bodies both in real time or at any point in the past. Cosmic Watch also shows the local time of any place on Earth by swiping to the location on the globe. Combining time keeping, astronomy and astrology, Cosmic Watch takes kids on a voyage to the stars and back in a fun, interactive way.

For ages 7 and older. $4.99 for iOS, $4.49 for Android.


What are some of your favorite edutainment apps? Tell us in the comments below!

—Kipp Jarecke-Cheng