Parents, your kids probably already think you are the coolest but also the weirdest, so why not just own it and prank the heck out of them this April Fools Day? The following seven pranks are (relatively) harmless so you can have a little good fun, all in the name of the game. Scroll down for ideas.

photo: Angelina Koh via flickr

1. Turn Their World Upside-Down

Before you head to bed, go through the main living spaces and turn as much furniture upside-down as you possibly can—armchairs, benches, tables, and even the stuff on your kitchen counter-tops.  And, the best part: when they come running into your room the next morning, screaming that everything is upside-down, pretend like things are 100 percent normal!

photo: Wendy via flickr

2. Spaghetti Sauce or Syrup on Your Pancakes?

Breakfast for dinner is a family favorite, but dinner for breakfast? Spaghetti? Cheeseburgers? Tacos? Just make sure that you serve them something you know that they’ll eat… or else the cranky, hungry kids that you’ll face the rest of the day will make it seem like the joke was on you instead!

photo: Darrell J. Rohl via flickr 

3. All Tied Up

You say it every, single morning, at least three times, “Please put your shoes on!” This April Fool’s Day prank will also teach your morning procrastinators will leave you chuckling after you say it this time. Tie all of their shoelaces together before you go to bed the night before—-you can either tie pairs of shoes together, or, tie every single shoe they have into one long string!

photo: Quinn Dombroski via flickr

4. Lunch Lady Surprises

One day of a super sweet lunch won’t kill them, right? When lunch time rolls around try one of these pranks: Top a bagel with frosting, or replace the raisins in the box with chocolate chips. You can also take the foil wrap off of chocolate Easter egg-shaped candy (the small kind) and wrap the foil around grapes.

photo: Morena Hockely via Morena’s Corner

5. Lunch with a Friend

Keep the pranks going by adding a big bug to their lunches, backpacks, beds or even cereal boxes for an insect-eresting prank that even has even us jumping in our chairs. We love how jokester and mom Morena creates her own set of creepy crawlies, you can find the how-to on her blog, Morena’s Corner. Since April Fools falls on a Saturday this year, just adapt this to a picnic lunch or snack plate you serve and wait for the squirms!

photo: Matthew Sullivan via flickr

6. Take Advantage of Saturday

With April Fool’s Day falling on a Saturday this year, wake the kids up at the regular time for school. Go through the routine of getting dressed, eating breakfast, grabbing backpacks. When everyone’s ready to go…April Fools! It’s Saturday!

7. I Guess We’re Walking…

Now, when you’re reading to head out for the day or run an errand, trick the kiddos into thinking the car is gone. The night before, park your car around the block, where it can’t be easily seen by your kids. When you head out to the car, “discover” that it is missing. Then shrug and start walking. We’re guessing that your kids will probably be standing at the front door with their mouths open wide as you start hiking off in the direction of their school!

photo: glucosala via pixabay

Pranks to Avoid

A couple pranks that will likely bring tears, not giggles…

The “we’re going to Disneyland” prank, because unless you’re really headed to the House of Mouse, your kids aren’t going to appreciate your humor.

The “we’re having another baby” prank. Trust us, you probably don’t want to see their actual reaction.


Do you have any April Fool’s Day pranks planned for your kids? Tell us about jokes that you’ve pulled on them in the past… and their surely hilarious reactions!

— Katie Kavulla & Amber Guetebier