When was the last time you wanted to expose your kids to stuff with unpronounceable names? Like, probably never. These days, parents are working hard to make sure yucky stuff like preservatives and pesticides don’t make their way into little tummies. But don’t let the old epidermis be exposed to the yuckies either. Anything that goes on the skin gets into the system too and sometimes those chemicals get a little sneaky and make their way into stuff we slather on little bums and bodies on a daily basis. Yup, that’s right, the lotions, skin cares and soaps being used in the house might be full of stuff you wouldn’t use yourself, let alone on a cute kiddo. These days, there are a ton of eco-fabulous skin-care lines that won’t upset soft skin or leave rashes or harm the environment. Check out some lines eco-fabulous, healthy skin care for the whole fam.

Soft Skin from Old Pros
Ireland based Elave Skin Care has been caring about skin since 1934. It’s not completely organic but has a loud and proud “Free From” missions statement, which will put new moms at ease. Every product is paraben, alcohol, sulfate, free, among many other chemicals known to leave skin rashy and irritated. Any mom who’s had to deal with baby acne knows these are the “yuckies” we can do without.elave_babylotion

Swiss Formula…American Made
An all natural, green line from Arbonne, made from natural plants and botanicals. From the swiss-formulated cult collection of beauty products comes five incredible products for baby, including a chemical free sunscreen.arbonnesunscreen

Good To Know: This stuff can’t be found in stores, so check out the website to find an independent consultant in your neighborhood.

Vegan Mama
This line of products for moms and babies is quite possibly the most pure range of skincare products available. Completely vegan, certified organic, mamas promise is to offer “only safe, pure, natural products that work.” Breastfeeding moms will go nuts for this line, because there are absolutely no worries that what goes on your own skin will harm the wee ones snuggling in for a feeding time.angelbabybodywash

It’s All Organic
From an all organic range of beauty care for moms comes a complete line for babies and kiddos. From sniffles chest balm to diaper care and tooth gel, anything needed to get smooth skin without the harmful stuff can be found from Saffron Rouge.sniffleschestbalm

Busy Bees
No eco-fabulous list would be complete without Burt’s Bees. One of the first companies to push natural ingredients, what mama doesn’t have or know about Burt’s Lip Balm? The baby-care products are just as good as the stuff we slather on our own body parts. From the Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap to chlorine-free wipes, there are a lot of great products to choose!


Good to Know: Burt’s has launched Burt’s Bees Baby, which is 100% an organic line of clothing, skin care and gifts.

Sustainable Baby
Weleda is proud of it’s commitment to sustainable, natural products, which are purchased via fair-trade partnerships. Great stuff like calendula, aloe, arnica, lavender and much more are the building blocks for every item of baby skin care, from the diaper cream to the fantastic travel kits perfect for the diaper bag.weleda

Natural Chemist
The founder and creator of Earth Baby Organics is a world-renowned chemist with over 30 years as a pro in the world of science. Inspired by her granddaughter to create a hypo-allergenic line of baby skin care, she went to the next level and made the products the result of mixing ingredients from Mother Earth herself, not stuff created in a lab. The Mommy N’ Me organic face mist and the detangler are particularly popular products.earthbabydetangler

Dads Do it Too
From two Dads looking for safe home products and skincare for their own two kiddos comes BabyGanics. An instant hit with parents when the stuff hit the shelves, this line has not only great stuff like Bye Bye Dry Skin Wipes but also foaming bath wash, hand sanitizer, all natural sunscreen and much more. The prices are very reasonable and most products can be found at big box stores like Target and Babies R Us.byebyedry

Good To Know: BabyGanics is also available for purchase via Amazon and Diapers.com

All Natural Badger
A small, family owned company in New Hampshire puts out the 100% USDA certified organic products from the original and beloved Badger Balm to a whole range of naturally made products for the whole family. From insect repellent to baby balm and night-night soothing cream, the only thing you’ll have to worry about it how to choose which product to try first.badgerbalm

What eco-fabulous products to you use on your family?

–Gabrielle Cullen