If there ever was a good kind of rut, it would be the one that kids get into when they become infatuated with a certain topic. You know, like when your little one wants to read only library books about trains for weeks and weeks (and weeks and weeks).

Now you can feed their healthy obsession—while saving yourself a library trip—with Epic!, the leading digital library for kids 12 and under, offering unlimited access to 25,000 high-quality books. Here are just a few reasons why this service is so cool:

  • Teachers are hooked. Already used in 87% of U.S. elementary schools (maybe even your own kiddo’s), 98% of teachers say they would recommend the service. And, kids can’t get enough—they’re currently reading more than 24 million books on Epic! every month.
  • Say so long to scouring an entire kids wing for one book. Instead of being filed by author, books on Epic! are brilliantly organized by kid-friendly category (think: “flying insects,” “slam dunk basketball books,” or “cat fiction”) that your little can browse independently or with you. Kids get personalized recommendations based on their interests and reading level, and you’ll receive logs to help you track it all.
  • Epic! is always free for the first 30 days so you can access tons of amazing books…on tutus or trains or puppies. Bonus: If you’re a Red Tricycle reader, for a limited time you can take advantage of an exclusive offer: read free for 60 days and only $7.99/month thereafter. Use Code: REDTRICYCLE.

Let their reading obsession continue.



Hear What Other Parents Are Saying:

“Wow, that’s all I can say! Saved me a lot of money and a lot of trips to the library. My 7 and my 5 years old love Epic. My 5 yr old can’t read that well yet and got so excited that he does not have to asked anybody for help. Epic has “Read to me audio”, “Audiobooks” learning videos .All the book are based on their age. My oldest one uses the audiobooks option, at night time to fall asleep. It can have up to 4 children on the account and it is 5$ month (first month free). I have to little kids that love to read and Epic for me is a bit hit!”
— Anca R
“My 3 year old LOVES Epic!!! We use it almost everything night!! It’s so nice to have such a huge selection of books to read at a moments notice. We have fun switching from the audio books and me reading to her. The app is so easy to use!! She knows how to pick her profile and select a book that reads aloud to her. We have fun taking the quizzes too!”
— Mary Anne S.