The days of soggy tater tots and cardboard-stiff pizza are over. From chicken tikka masala and pasta primavera to avocado rolls and barbecue chicken wraps, today’s young foodies can order made-from-scratch meals and have them delivered straight to school. Hungry yet? Read on to find out how to upgrade your kid’s school cuisine.



IN’BOX – New York City

The Big Picture: With lunches costing close to $10 a pop, IN'BOX is the Rolls Royce of the lunch delivery crowd. That said, the company's all-natural (and beautifully-packaged) meals contain no trans fat, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, nuts or sesame seeds. And they taste good, according to the kids who approved the menu (see below).

Where: New York City

What's on the MenuSalmon teriyaki with jasmine rice and edamame; codfish balls with homemade tarter sauce, brown rice and peas & carrots; English muffin pizza with roasted broccoli and orange-ginger glazed carrots.

How it works: Parents order in advance online or with their mobile phones; meals are delivered via brown paper bag to their child's school just before lunchtime.

What makes it unique: To make sure they are creating healthy meals that kids will actually like, IN'BOX holds kid-juried tastings where kids give the final say on proposed menu items. (to find out about tastings, click here). Also, if you're in the market for adorably-packaged box meals for your child's next birthday party, IN'BOX does that, too.

Average cost per meal: $8.50


photo: IN'BOX

Editor’s Note: All of these companies require a partnership with a school in order to deliver lunches. If your school is not on board yet, talk to the school’s principal or food coordinator to drum up interest.

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—Melissa Heckscher

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