With lots of littles around the house, two beds are definitely better than one. Thinking outside the box (err…frame), creative furniture designers and a few ingenious moms and dads have elevated bunk beds to a whole new level of cool. Suspended from ropes, wrapped in fabric, or decorated in vibrant hues, these innovative designs are perfect for sleeping multiples in style or hosting slumber parties!

DIY Dream

These gorgeous built-in bunk beds were an ambitious undertaking for one very handy dad. Constructed under the artistic direction of mom, Mikael of Mikael Monson Photography, and with a little inspiration from Pinterest, the beds are completely DIY (using no existing frame), and took more than two months to finish. Each level even includes its own bookrack for late night reading.

photo: Mikael Monson Photography


  • DIY Dream
  • Up in the Clouds
  • Groovy Bus Bed
  • Build Your Bunk
  • Hanging by a Rope
  • Row, Row, Row Your Bunk
  • Two-in-One
  • Fabulous Four
  • A Bed for Your Little Bird
  • Basic Bunk No More
  • A Regal Dwelling for Two
  • Cute Cubbyholes
  • Sleep on a Wave
  • Cozy Cabin Bunk
  • Climb to Sleep

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— Scott Wardell & Lauren Hill