If you’re looking to get a big reaction out of your small set, nothing adds a little fizz, boom and sizzle to your day like a sidewalk science experiment. From smoke filled bubbles to do-it-yourself sundials, water that walks to pinecone weather stations, we’ve rounded up our favorite experiments to keep your petit Pasteurs and itty-bitty Einsteins as busy as can be. Click through the gallery to see our faves.

Leak Proof Bag

How many pencils can you poke into plastic? Find out all about polymers and why plastic is so pliable. Check out Steve Spangler Science for your list of simple ingredients and instructions. You’ll have hours of fun (but we warn you—turning the bag into a sprinkler is almost as fun as the experiment!).


What are some of your favorite sidewalk science experiments? Tell us in the comments section below!

—Shelley Massey

Photos by Shelley Massey unless otherwise noted.