photo: Dominos Baby Registry

One of the most challenging parts of new motherhood is finding time to stuff food in your face. Between the diaper changes, feedings and a complete and total lack of sleep, it can be hard to keep up with the bare essentials, like showering and eating, but thankfully Domino’s Pizza has come to the recuse, for at least one of those problems. While they can’t help you get more sleep, they can get you fed and you can even add that pizza pie to your baby registry in preparation.

photo: Dominos Baby Registry

Domino’s Pizza has just partnered up with baby registry site Gugu Guru to offer expectant moms a chance to register for pizzas. The registry site offers pizza packages at various price levels, “For the parents who prefer delicious melty cheese to wipe warmers.”

Besides food, parents can also register for pizza-related items like onesies, moccasins and baby blankets emblazoned with pepperoni slices. If you really want to show off that pizza love, you can even get pizza-themed baby shower invites.

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