Your sidekick’s “first day” outfit is carefully laid out on the floor. And that shiny new backpack? It’s waiting patiently by the door, stuffed with this year’s treasured school supplies. Lucky for you, each one needs a label. Rock an otherwise sticky situation with these quick and easy products that stake your kidlet’s school supply claim. Smart parenting for the win!

BS-walldecalsphoto: kidecals


You need stickers to go on everything because your mini me, well… let’s just say she’s fancy free. Whatever loose ends she’s carting off to school this year, kidecals has a stylish sticker to match. With over 200 designs to choose from, (think: dinos and mustaches to dancing pairs a-twirling) she could find a different, fully-customizable set for every day of the week. Plus the simple peel and stick design that’s totally waterproof (and BPA free!) means these babies aren’t coming off, no matter where you stick them. You’ve got this!


Mommy's Metalz silver labelphoto: Mommy’s Metalz

Mommy’s Metalz

When it comes to the ever-changing jacket menagerie (one for every season and then some), or the sports bag swap out as you usher your little athlete out the door, easy transfer is key. That’s what we love about these sassy stamped charms ($14) from Mommy’s Metalz on Etsy. The charm transfers easily from raincoat to winter parka, or from soccer or swim bag with the flick of a clasp. Plus, they add a blast of bling-y personality to your sidekick’s gear.

Mabel's Labels from FB

photo: Mabel’s Labels

Mabel’s Labels

Dishwasher and microwave safe, Mabel’s Labels can survive whatever your messy mini can dish out… and then some. If you’re a label newbie, these are a good place to start. With easy-to-figure-out combo packs (think: Starter, Little Kid School and Ultimate to name a few) and Write Away! labels that can be penned in for those last minute needs, they’ve thought of everything you didn’t… yet. Ready, set, go!


Devon Design Co 2 photophoto: Devon Design Co.

Devon Design Co.

Got a little bookworm who lugs his fave reads to and from school daily, or always loans out his beloved must-reads to his bestie? Meet your new best friend, Devon Design Co’s stylish nameplates ($14). Just peel one off and stick it to an inside cover to claim your little literati’s book as part of his forever library. Each pack comes with 20 stickers and is semi-customizable. He’ll never lose a book again!


inchbug orbit from FBphoto: inchbug via Facebook


Hydration is serious business for mini learners. After all, alphabetizing is hard work! And labeling the many water bottles and sippy cups that have collected in your cupboards over the years… well, it can be equally grueling. Simplify this labor of love with customized, stretchable Orbit Labels ($12.50) by inchbug. We heart that they can move easily from one water bottle to the next, year after year.


Baby Fables money label from etsy

photo: Baby Fables

Baby Fables

Add sending money to school with your kiddo to that surprising list of “risky kid behaviors,” like swallowing a LEGO or eating dirt. Hedge your bets on the cash-to-school gamble with these practical, personalized sticker labels from Baby Fables ($8.50). Consider them your ally in getting things where they need to go. Just check off boxes, then peel, press and stick one of these super cute labels to your cash stash before sending your kidlet off for the day. 20 in each pack are enough to get your money where’s it going from day one through till the final buzz…err…bell.


Ananemone etsy labelsphoto: Anita Waters  

Ananemone Labels

What’s not to love about 100% organic cotton labels, especially when they’re paired with kid-cute graphics that would be just as adorable on the outside of your mini me’s wardrobe as they would on an inside tag? At Ananemone Labels, shop owners Sara and Matthew design kid-friendly clothing labels that iron on in just 15 seconds. And yep, they peel off just as easily, so they can be removed when clothes are ready to be passed down or donated. Let your sidekick browse the character labels ($23) (think: hearts, robots, elephants and more) to find one that perfectly pairs with his personality. The best part? The order can be split between two names.


FoundIt Oliver's labels

photo: Oliver’s Labels

Oliver’s Labels

Oliver’s Labels have all the bells and whistles of a good peel ‘n’ stick. They’re waterproof so they can go on anything and survive just about anywhere, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can even put your cutie’s sweet mug on their photo tags! But the Found-it tech is what makes us swoon. Sign up for this easy add when you customize your labels and those can’t-lose items can make their way back to you if they accidentally get left behind. Because let’s be honest, our kiddos lose things, even when their name is written all over it.


daisylabel_backtoschool_redtricyclephoto: The Dreamy Daisy

The Dreamy Daisy

Send your little preschooler off in style with a way adorbs, oversized backpack tag ($15) from The Dreamy Daisy’s Etsy shop. The bright colors make it easy to spot among the crowded cubbies and a durable, laminated finish means sticky fingers won’t leave a mark. Pick a custom character whose personality is as big as your sidekick’s, then loop on this easy-on, easy-off tag that can grow through the years, just like your Little.



Name Bubbles lables from FB

photo: Name Bubbles’ Facebook

Name Bubbles

Who needs birds when you can put a bubble on it! Name Bubbles’ way cute peel-n-stick labels are that start-of-the-school-year accessory that doubles up on giving back. Give one: it helps your mini scholar track her supplies in the daily shuffle, even when you throw them in for a good clean in the dishwasher or laundry. Giving, the second—Name Bubbles will donate $1 of every back-to-school purchase to the Miracle Foundation, so orphans around the globe can access education and opportunity. Give a little bit, get a serious “lot” with these do-good labels.



Which of these labels do you plan on trying? Tell us in the Comments below! 

—Allison Sutcliffe