Freshly trimmed hair, no grass stains to be seen, shiny new backpacks at the ready. This can mean only one thing— it’s the first day of school! With just a little prep, it’s a snap to capture their special day. From class t-shirts to silly faces, scroll down for 10 creative and adorable ideas that will earn your Back to School photos an A+.

Best-Friends-ForeverPhoto: Ashlee Raubach 

Snap a Group Shot
Friends make the world go round! Many preschool and early elementary school buddies turn into life-long BFFs. Try capturing an early moment of friendship on the first day of school. We see a future full of laughs and good times. 

sillyfirstday_backtoschoolpics_national_redtricyclePhoto: Amy Norton via Amy Loves It

Get Silly
Most kids have 180 days ahead to follow the rules so why not skip the “say cheese” instructions and capture the real deal instead. Blogger Amy from Amy Loves It  sets up the perfect photo opp for her three girls who get the goofies out before the first bell rings.


class-year-t-shirt_backtoschool_national_redtricyclePhoto: Watch Out For The Woestman’s

Design a T-shirt
It’s never too early to instill a little class pride. With this creative photo idea, you’re getting serious bang for your buck. Buy one oversized t-shirt for your pint-sized student and watch how they grow into it year after year. Extra credit if you can convince them to still wear it by the time they hit middle school! Pop over to Watch Out for The Woestman’s for an easy tutorial.

PattonspatchPhoto: Mrs. Patton’s Patch

Customize Your Own Props
If you can’t resist holding up fake mustaches and donning silly glasses in your photo booth photos, these Back to School props are calling your name. Made from rulers and simple cut-outs they add the perfect customized pop to your photos. Score details on how to make them at Mrs. Patton’s Patch.

helikesthesethings_backtoschoolphotos_national_redtricyclePhoto credit: The Polka Dot Cottage 

Remember the Facts
Get best in class for not only snapping an adorable first day of school pictures, but for documenting what your little one is into at this moment in time. Include anything, from basics like their age and grade to the fun stuff like favorite books and what they want to be when they grow up. Perfect for parents who know their way around a photo editing tool like Photoshop.

schoolbus_backtoschool_redtricyclePhoto: Priceless Impressions

Snap the Yellow School Bus Too!
Hopping on the school bus is a rite of passage for school-aged kids everywhere. Whether it’s your child’s first time or they’re making a beeline to sit in the back with friends, steal a picture of them before they step on the bus and head off to conquer their first day of school.

back-to-school-printable-signsPhoto: The Crafted Sparrow

Print a Sign
The days of searching the back of old school photos for print dates are over. Now, just have your little learner hold up a sign to take out the guesswork. We love this graphic sign that’s as cute as they are. Download and print your own “I totally got this” sign courtesy of The Crafted Sparrow.

the-little-style-file_backtoschoolPhoto: The Little Style File

Say It With Chalk
InstaStar! Some kids are born to be in front of the camera. If you have a celebrity in the making this glitz and glam photo opp may be for you. Whatever grade they’re going into is the perfect backdrop for a fun and creative photo.


Let Them Make Their Mark(er)
We love this first day of school photo idea that can also be used to dress up the walls of your kiddo’s bedroom— the pretty frame and paper make it a keeper. The dry erase marker feature means you can update year after year. Find the full tutorial at Go Grow Go!

oliver-combo_backtoschoolpics_national_redtricyclePhoto credit: Rachel Myers

See How They’ve Grown
Time flies by! Take a picture of their first and their last day of school to capture how quickly kids change. Having a blank space in the background lets you add in their favorite things and the date.

— Aimee Della Bitta


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