When it comes to food, the French have it down! From roast chicken to tarte tatin, there are so many French dishes that look impressive but are surprisingly easy to make. Take a cue from our friends across the pond and make a French-inspired meal to celebrate Bastille Day. Just click through the slideshow to get your next foodie fix.

Salad Niçoise

Salad Niçoise might sound fancy, but it’s actually a breeze to make thanks to this recipe from Pinch and Swirl. With new potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, tuna and green beans, it’s also hearty enough to keep you filled up. If you’ve got picky eaters in your family, it’s also easy to tweak the ingredients to please everybody. Click here to get the recipe.

photo: Pinch and Swirl


Have you tried any French-inspired cuisine with your family? Share your kids’ reactions in the comments below.

—Susie Foresman