Sandcastle building, swimming, and lounging in the sun: a beach trip is truly summer at its best. Don’t let your next trip bum you out, though: we’ve got ways to make sure you stay cool, protect your assets and even keep sand out of your car (well, kinda). Click through the gallery for 15 ideas that will make your next trip to the beach so much easier.

Sunburn Soothers

Sunburns are one of the few thing parents don’t enjoy about frolicking in the sand and surf, so when it does happen, soothing the fiery feeling is priority number one. If you’re looking for a more creative way to help little burned bods, try making a batch of super cool aloe vera ice cubes like the ones we spotted over at The Chic Site. The cooling effect of the ice, along with the classic healing properties of the aloe vera will bring immediate relief to the most painful of sunburns.

photo: Stephen Depolo via flickr

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—Natasha Davis & Amber Guetebier