Sandcastle building, swimming, and lounging in the sun: a beach trip is truly summer at its best. Don’t let your next trip bum you out, though: we’ve got ways to make sure you stay cool, protect your assets and even keep sand out of your car (well, kinda). Click through the gallery for 15 ideas that will make your next trip to the beach so much easier.

Stash Your Cash

Use an empty Pringles can tucked among your snacks to stash your keys and some cash for ice cream. (Bonus! You get to eat all the Pringles first!) An old sunscreen container cleaned out can look equally inconspicuous. Keep it compact by stashing a $20 in a lip balm container: watch this video for an easy how-to. Want to really thwart thieves?
Roll your cash and keys upside a diaper—very few people will willingly pick up a "dirty" diaper.

photo: Mike Mozart via flickr

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—Natasha Davis & Amber Guetebier