Sandcastle building, swimming, and lounging in the sun: a beach trip is truly summer at its best. Don’t let your next trip bum you out, though: we’ve got ways to make sure you stay cool, protect your assets and even keep sand out of your car (well, kinda). Click through the gallery for 15 ideas that will make your next trip to the beach so much easier.

Frozen Water Bottles

While you’re freezing things, freeze a few plastic water bottles and put them in the cooler. They’ll last longer than ice and when they defrost you can drink them. Bonus: you can roll the icy cold bottle on your neck to cool down. Just remember to recycle them after you’re done: studies show freezing and refreezing disposable plastic water bottles can cause a chemical breakdown that could contaminate the water.  And don’t try this trick with metal bottles because they can burst when the water expands.

photo: DodgertonSkillhause via Morgue Files

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—Natasha Davis & Amber Guetebier