Comfortable, moldable, and now stylish, the bean bag is redefining the way we’re decorating our kids’ rooms. What was once a limp blob filled with thousands of styrofoam balls is now taking on shapes and designs that invite us to plop down and take a load off. Check out some of the more outrageous bean bags we’ve come across that would make a fun addition to any kid’s room.

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Lean back and kick off your shoes while relaxing on top of this oversized sneaker. Part of a collection of bean bags by Woouf! that come in a variety of awesome shapes and designs (seriously, check them out!) this sneaker features a waterproof fabric cover and major style points if your kid happens to have a name that starts with the letter W. Around $350 on Woouf!

  1. Sneaker
  2. Lips
  3. Cupcake
  4. Porcupine
  5. Mickey Mouse

Which of these bean bags would look awesome in your kid’s room?

–Scott Wardell

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