Comfortable, moldable, and now stylish, the bean bag is redefining the way we’re decorating our kids’ rooms. What was once a limp blob filled with thousands of styrofoam balls is now taking on shapes and designs that invite us to plop down and take a load off. Check out some of the more outrageous bean bags we’ve come across that would make a fun addition to any kid’s room.


We're slightly jealous that we didn't think of this idea first. Mimish bean bags are one part storage one part squishy comfort. Unzip the bottom half and fill with your seasonal items like sweaters, bedding, pillows, and more, then zip it back up and you've not only cleaned out some necessary closet space, but you've also got a great ottoman for resting your feet, or an island for your kids to play "don't touch the lava" at home. $149-169 on Mimish.


Which of these bean bags would look awesome in your kid’s room?

–Scott Wardell

all photos courtesy of websites listed