As the weather starts to cool, there’s nothing quite like a cozy pair of slippers to keep little feet warm after bath time. Throw in some unicorns and lights and you’ve got a PJ party to scare the monsters away.


Light up shoes are all the rage on the playground, so your kids will be super stoked when they find some lights on their slippers, like these adorable light-up Unicorn Slippers. The unicorns alone are the perfect addition to a snuggly bedtime ensemble, but the lights are the icing on the rainbow cake. We know what you’re thinking, lights at bedtime aren’t exactly the best way to settle down, but these are subtle pastel colors that only light up while you’re walking, which makes them like night lights for your feet. Perfect for those middle of the night trips to the bathroom without blazing up the whole house with ceiling lights.

The LED light-up cheeks come in six interchangeable colors and are powered by button-cell batteries and have an on/off switch. They also come in kids and adult sizes, so the whole family can match.

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