You’re all about chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. But really, who isn’t? Well, now there’s a new sweet treat that you’re going to want to try right now. Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Chunks brings all the yummy goodness of your ice cream fave but without all that ice cream getting in the way.

Yep. Ben & Jerry’s may be an iconic ice cream brand, but its newest release, “Just the Dough,” is a frozen snack minus the company’s signature ice cream base. Oh, and it comes in two flavors—Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chunks and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Photo: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s

Raise your hand if you’re a spoon specialist who removes those glorious little cookie dough chunks, separating them from the rest of the ice cream with surgical precision. Come on, you know you do it. Hey, we’re not knocking ice cream. It’s an all-time fave. But sometimes you just want those squishy chocolate-chip-filled balls all to yourself.

Don’t worry about the cookie dough making you sick. That is, unless you eat waaaaay too much of it at one time. But in all seriousness, the frozen product (you have to store it in the freezer) is made with pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour.

It looks like Ben & Jerry;s wants your cookie dough dreams to come true. But there’s a catch. The new not-really-ice-cream product is only available in two Ben & Jerry’s stores. So if you happen to live in or near Burlington or Waterbury, Vermont, you’re in luck.


So when will these little bites come to your town? According to the Ben & Jerry’s website, “If we receive enough interest we may bring it to a shop near you.” We can only hope!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Pam Menegakis via Unsplash 



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