It’s that time of year again: back-to-school season is upon us, and many of us parents are out and about filling up our shopping carts—both in stores and online—with new clothes for the kiddos. But what happens if your child has special needs or sensory issues? Traditional children’s clothing and school uniforms may make the learning day uncomfortable and challenging. And that’s where adaptive clothing for kids comes in.

These kids’ clothing brands are getting creative, designing specialized clothing collections that make school, play and everyday life easier for children with a variety of different sensory needs.


photo: Primary


Primary clothing may not be specifically "adaptive," but that doesn't mean it isn't a smart choice for kids with sensory issues. The line is filled with super-soft pieces that are free from itchy decor and aren't overly adorned. Heck, they're not adorned at all. 

Me Do

This line of tee's and sweat pants are super-soft and totally helpful. Me Do separates each have their signature bunny inside. If you're wondering why put a sweet little bunny inside of the shirts and pants, the cute critter is there to help kids understand which way is the front and which way is the back. That's right—the front-facing bunny indicates the front of the shirt/pair of pants while the rear-facing bunny points to the back. The line comes in the sizes 2T-6X and features a range of solid colors. 

Lands' End School Uniforms

Lands' End's collab with Magna-Ready has one super-stellar result—adaptive clothing that uses magnets to make the school day more manageable. Instead of tricky buttons and hard to use zippers, this school uniform line has magnetic closures. Yay! This awesome adaptive school uniform collection will launch online on Sept. 1.

photo: Courtesy of Target

Cat & Jack

Target's private label Cat & Jack features an adaptive clothing collection for children of many different needs. The sensory-friendly picks come with tagless, flat-seamed play-wear, jeans that have wider leg openings and pants that are diaper-friendly. 

photo: Courtesy of PATTI RICKY


PATTI + RICKY founder Alexandra Connell wanted to help people who are like her. In other words, people who have special needs. The awesome items that you can find on PATTI + RICKY include Braille clothing patches, Braille-printed jewelry, hearing aid charms, motorized wheelchair bags, super-stylish medical bracelets, PICC line covers, walker gear and soooooo much more!

photo: Courtesy of PBS


Zappos Adaptive and PBS Kids recently partnered on a clothing line that comes with plenty of perks. These completely cute picks are button-free, made from super-soft cotton, have dissolvable tags and are made for the kiddos to wear them backwards or forwards. Bonus! Along with these rad collab, Zappos also has chest access tees, post-surgery tops and sensory-friendly jeans

photo: Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

You already know the Tommy Hilfiger brand well. But did you know that they have an adaptive clothing line for kids? The collection is super-cute and includes plenty of separates to mix and match. With magnetic closures, the pieces are as easy to get on and off as they are fashionably fab.

photo: Wolf Friends

Wolf + Friends

Wolf + Friends is packed with plenty of toys, decor items and accessories for children with many different needs. The inclusive online shopping experience has shopping guides that provide plenty of ideas for parents who are looking to buy furniture, books, swings, gadgets and much, much more. And bonus, Wolf + Friends has an Amazon shop where you can buy all of the goodies. 

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Primary 


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