When it comes to feeding a crew of hungry kids, we’ve never met a shortcut we didn’t like. It’s time to hack your way to easier mealtimes and snacks with clever ideas from resourceful parents everywhere. From eco-friendly containers to serving up eggs with a little heart, flip through the album below to see 14 clever food and cooking shortcuts you need to try today.

Use Magnets to Keep Water Cups Handy

Talk about having a “why didn’t I think of that” moment. If your kids are anything like ours, then you probably go through a few water cups every day. Cut down on needless dishes with this awesome cup hack from Dana over at Made Everyday.

photo: Dana Williard via Made Everyday


What’s your best food and prep shortcut? Let us in on the secret in a Comment below!

—Gabby Cullen & Aimee Della Bitta


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