After a full day of zipping here and there, you find yourself falling back on that go-to quick dinner (frozen pizza) more often than not. Wouldn’t it be great to find options that have ready-made convenience but are also stocked up on good stuff like protein, vitamins, and fiber too? Lucky for busy parents everywhere, plenty of new and tasty frozen foods have just hit the shelves. We shared our new favorite picks with you below! 

Enticing Empanadas

Made with simple and clean ingredients, the new Brazi Bites Empanadas are ready to eat after just 20 minutes in the oven. Take your pick of four flavors that include Black Bean & Cheddar, Chickpea Veggie, Chicken & Cheese, and Beef & Bean. They are gluten and grain-free and made without gums, additives, soy, sugar, flavors or preservatives. You can find Brazi Bites at your local Target and at Midwest Costco warehouses.


Power Up

We are drooling over these new toaster waffles from Kodiak Cakes. Made with the same protein-filled ingredients as their pancake mixes, the new ready-made versions come in power (Buttermilk & Vanilla and Chocolate), which offers up 12 grams of protein, and energy (Blueberry Chia), which is filled with a vitamin-B blend for an extra boost. 

Marvelous Medley

This new veggie medley from Tommy’s Superfoods isn’t just flash frozen for freshness. Tommy’s special seasoning (roasted garlic, sea salt, and more!) has also been added, which means all you need to do is toss with olive oil and serve. And, every bag of Tommy’s Superfood is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and low sodium!

Hot Dog!

These puff dogs (err … sausage rolls) are one of the newest offerings from Trader Joe’s. Each uncured, all-beef hot dog is wrapped in a savory, flaky crust. And, since they taste as yummy as the rest of TJ's frozen goods, we’re betting they'll be a home run with your crew. Simply add your kids’ favorite dipping sauce, some veg and just like that—dinner is served.

Available at Trader Joe’s nationwide, $6.49 for a box of 5.

Oodles of (Veggie) Noodles

If your family loves pasta dishes, then this new spinach and lentil version from Birds Eye is worth a try. It has the taste and texture of the real stuff, it cooks up right in the bag, and packs a protein punch with 10 grams per serving, all while being served with a rich Alfredo sauce. Other flavors include marinara, cheddar cheese, and original (a great starter for your own sauce!). Available at Walmart stores, $2.97 per bag.

Brain Food

With 15 grams of protein and 40 mg of EPA & DHA omega-3 fatty acids per serving, these new ancient grain fish nuggets from Target’s Simply Balanced are a no brainer. The crunchy breading surrounds thick chunks of 100% wild-caught Alaskan pollock that are full of flavor and cook up in minutes.

Available at Target stores, check for price.

After-Dinner Treat

For a healthier after-dinner treat, skip the ice cream and try one of freezer pops from Good Pop. They are made from a blend of 100% organic juice and fruit puree and come in three flavors: Concord Grape, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry Lemonade. Plus, Good Pops have no added sugar, are kosher, gluten free, and free of the top eight allergens. Available at, $15.67 for 24.  

Roll With It

Problem: You’ve got the rest of dinner all ready to go, and the only thing that’s missing is warm dinner rolls. Solution: Keep a bag or two of La Brea’s latest offering in your freezer. They bake up with a crispy crust, have no artificial flavorings or high-fructose corn syrup, are Certified Kosher and non-GMO. These rolls also come in a resealable bag and make great sandwiches! Available at Walmart stores nationwide, check for price.

Cool As A Cauliflower

Cauliflower is the latest veggie of your childhood to have a major comeback. Light on flavor but heavy on nutrients, Green Giant has combined it with sweet potato to create a super tater tot for your tot lot. Each serving has five grams of fiber, 25% of your kiddo’s daily vitamin A needs and only has four grams of sugar.


—Gabby Cullen



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