Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means— resisting the temptation to sneak candy faves from your sidekick’s trick or treat bag when she’s not looking. But who are we kidding? Make it easy on yourself by passing out a few non-edible Halloween treats that won’t leave you clocking extra hours at the gym, but the costumed cuties will love all the same. Now, that’s the kind of Halloween treat we can get behind.

Silly Stamps

Grab a big bag of self-inking stamps and let the kiddos go crazy choosing colors or patterns from your pot. Go straight up Halloween-themed or break the mold with colorful alternatives. Either way, they’ll be a hit!

Available on Amazon.com, $8.93 for 50.


 What’s your favorite treat to pass out at Halloween? Add it to our list in a comment below.

— Allison Sutcliffe