If the thought of buying a gift for each member of your fave family (including your own) is a tad daunting, consider getting a single present that EVERY person will love! Whether your posse likes active adventures, tearing up the kitchen, or immortalizing every moment on film, we’ve found treasures that are sure to bring joy to loved ones of every age. Click through our carefully curated selection below.

Prynt for Smartphones

Turn your phone into an instant photo printer with the pocket-sized tool! You can print anything saved to your phone or use it in real time—just a single tap will print your photo in seconds. Using special Prynt Zink Paper, no ink cartridges are necessary (order unlimited Zink paper for six months for an additional $50). The Prynt Case comes in four colors and is adaptable for iPhone or Android. Prynt also takes “live photos” that you can scan and view using their app—MIND BLOWN.

Available at prynt.co/en, $99.


What’s your favorite way to gift an entire family? Share your ideas in the comments below!

— Katie Brown


Editor’s Note: At the time of publication, all items were available for purchase. 

All photos courtesy the manufacturers.




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