It seems like your preschooler is in a perpetual state of discovery and motion. Embrace this amazing stage with holiday gifts as unique as she is. From brand-new toys that encourage imagination to the best in STEAM, click through our top picks for amazing things that’ll keep your artist/explorer/superhero busy for months to come. 

Tinkertoy – Apple Pickin’ Time

Tinkertoy has been keeping busy hands occupied since you were a kid, and now your My Little Pony fan can build her own little piece of Equestria with these fun new sets. There are several others to choose from, and this Apple Pickin’ Time comes with 11 parts pieces including spools, rods, apple cart, and apples. Plus, there’s a step-by-step instruction booklet so kiddos as young as three or four can construct and take apart the pieces with ease.  

Available at, $12.99.


What’s your favorite gift on the list? Share with us in a comment below. 

— Gabby Cullen

Editor’s Note: Upon publication, all products were available for purchase. 

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