It seems like your preschooler is in a perpetual state of discovery and motion. Embrace this amazing stage with holiday gifts as unique as she is. From brand-new toys that encourage imagination to the best in STEAM, click through our top picks for amazing things that’ll keep your artist/explorer/superhero busy for months to come. 

The Curious Gardener

It might be winter, but there’s no time like now to get kids excited about springtime and the garden. This beginner set has 12 individual pieces, including three pots, shears (they have safety blades), and even stickers. The shovel and the trowel are designed with little hands in mind, so all you’ll need are seeds, sunshine and a little patience.

Available at, $24.99.

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— Gabby Cullen

Editor’s Note: Upon publication, all products were available for purchase. 

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