Mix up your recipe repertoire with the latest in family-focused cookbooks that will guide you through everything from breakfast to snacks with minimal time and effort—and might even succeed in getting your picky bunch to clear their plates. From simple slow-cooker fare to healthy snacks they’ll be thrilled to munch on, scroll down for nine new ways to say “winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

FoodProcessor cookbook

The Food Processor Family Cookbook
Recipe developer, food stylist, and busy mom Nicki Sizemore’s culinary mantra is “start from scratch, but keep it simple.” Her latest collection of 120 recipes stays true to this philosophy, as The Food Processor Cookbook guides even the most inexperienced chef in replacing processed foods with homemade meals using the often under-utilized food processor. The book is the perfect companion to her popular blog From Scratch Fast, offering something for every member of the family. From homemade baby food to full family meals, this cookbook will help you put wholesome food on the table in flash. We’re craving her Homemade Peanut Butter sweetened with a touch of maple syrup and cinnamon, versatile Quinoa and White Bean Burgers, and Shrimp Tacos with Pumpkin Seed and Spinach Pesto.

Why You Should Buy It: Delicious recipes made from scratch in less than an hour. The Food Processor Family Cookbook streamlines recipes that would otherwise take twice the time.

Available at Amazon.com, $12.23.

The Plantiful Table

The Plantiful Table: Easy, From-the-Earth Recipes for the Whole Family
Sunshine State-based blogger Andrea Duclos believes the pickiest eaters often make the best cooks. A self-proclaimed “Ex French-frytarian” and the mom behind ohdeardrea, this former picky eater is here to help you serve delicious, healthy meals to your selective bunch with her debut cookbook The Plantiful Table: Easy, From-the-Earth Recipes for the Whole Family. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy the flavorful dishes. From plantain corn bread to tropical waffles, there’s something for every meal and everything in between.

Why You Should Buy It: This book is great for cooking with kids. Ducos has highlighted all of her daughter Marlowe’s favorite dishes and shares the fun ways the whole family helps in the kitchen and the garden. Whether you’re a dedicated omnivore or can’t live without a burger, this book has recipes that can be enjoyed by every palate.

Available at Amazon.com, $16.31.

CookingClass Cover

Cooking Class
Your chef-in-training will go bananas for the kid-friendly dishes in Cooking Class. Follow the handy spoon difficulty scale to choose an age-appropriate recipe, and let their imaginations take the lead making healthy, homemade meals and snacks all on their own. Step-by-step photos featuring real kids in the kitchen make it easy to follow along, and kids will love personalizing their creations with the adorable labels and stickers. Each recipe encourages the youngest (and often pickiest) members of your household to play with their food while learning key culinary skills. There’s even instructions for setting the table.

Why You Should Buy It: Whether they’re designing a colorful fruit garden or topping off a personal pizza with a goofy self-portrait, the book’s playful style makes cooking fun for ages 6 and up.

Available at Amazon.com, $13.26.

The Soup Club cookbook

The Soup Club Cookbook: Feed Your Friends. Feed Your Family. Feed Yourself.
Don’t be fooled by the title! Developed by four New York City moms who joined culinary forces to serve their families more homemade meals, The Soup Club contains more than just scrumptious soup recipes. The book features 150 of their favorite soups, sides and snacks plus a guide to setting up your own club. The concept really is simple. Each person takes a turn making soup (and sides if you’re feeling ambitious) and delivers it to the others in the group, giving your fellow parents a night off from cooking without the added expense of eating out.

Why You Should Buy It: If you’re the parent who’s always dishing out recipes and cooking advice and loves testing your friends’ go-to dishes, then this cookbook will serve as a fantastic guide to setting up your own “Soup Club.” With 150 recipes and tips for volume cooking, it’s a great cookbook to get you started.

Available at Amazon.com, $21.23.

Brown Eggs + Jam Jars

Brown Eggs + Jam Jars
In Brown Eggs + Jam Jars former chef and mom-of-three Aimée Wimbush-bourque invites you into her kitchen and garden, sharing more than 100 seasonally inspired recipes along with tips and personal stories to guide you in feeding your family wholesome foods. A delicious companion to her award-winning blog Simple Bites (if you haven’t checked it out, the “Kids in the Kitchen” section is must read) the whole family will be excited to try her simple, homemade dishes featuring the freshest flavors, from Lemon Oregano Roast Chicken to Make-Ahead Currant Scones topped with fresh Strawberry-Honey Jam.

Why You Should Buy It: Brown Eggs + Jam Jars was clearly developed with family top of mind. Aimée’s storytelling style will make you feel like a part of her family, as she shares her secrets to getting your busy brood involved in kitchen and enjoying homemade meals together.

Available at Amazon.com, $24.54.

Kids' TreatsKids’ Treats
Kids’ Treats is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with creative desserts you’ll love making with your junior bakers. Featuring recipes for every occasion, from Graham Cracker Airplanes to Cat in the Hat Cookies and cute Oreo Bumblebees, these 50 confectionary creations are easy to make and fun to eat.

Why You Should By It: These adorable edible craft projects are a perfect at-home activity for the whole family.

Available at Amazon.com, $17.99.

Dad's Book of Awesome Recipes

Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes: Teaching Your Kids to Cook the Awesome Way
Stay-at-home dad Mike Adamick’s latest book, Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes, encourages parents to let the kids take the lead behind the whisk, with more than 100 kid-approved recipes for mealtime and the hungry moments in-between. An amalgamation of tips, tricks and favorite recipes shared by Adamick’s family and several fellow dads, you’ll be excited to get the kids into the kitchen to try everything from the Super Sliders to Apple Pie in a Bag.

Why You Should Buy It: This colorful tome teaches cooking basics while focusing on the fun, allowing your sous chef to get creative in the kitchen.

Available at Amazon.com, $15.40.


Fresh Made Simple: A Naturally Delicious Way to Eat: Look, Cook, and Savor
Fresh Made Simple could easily fit in at story time with colorful illustrations that guide even the most novice chef in whipping up delicious, healthy meals. Featuring fresh ingredients and simple but flavorful combinations, the book elevates basics to picture-perfect cuisine that you’ll enjoy making for and with your family.

Why You Should Buy It: The 75 beautifully drawn recipes were inspired by Stein’s time in the kitchen with her daughter, and are sure to inspire you to create yummy meals with your mini gourmet.

Available at Amazon.com, $12.

Hands On Home

The Hands-On Home: A Seasonal Guide to Cooking, Preserving & Natural Homekeeping
Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer the convenience of store-bought, the Hands-On Home is much more than a cookbook. It’s an all-inclusive guide to modern homemaking, offering smart and easy-to-adopt tips and recipes to making everything from a fruit crisp for every season to homemade cleaning and personal care products, and canning fresh produce.

Why You Should Buy It: Erica Strauss acts as your seasonal guide to cooking, cleaning and caring for yourself and your family in a more active way, and making your house truly feel like a home.


Available at Amazon.com, $19.64.

What’s your go-to cookbook for feeding your hungry family? Share with us in the comments. 

— Lauren Hill