Being with your family over the holidays is one of the greatest joys of the season. And, that pesky packing part before Grandma’s house? Not so joyful. This year we’re packing up all of your handy travel tips into one place. From making smart clothing decisions to packing an extra bag for gifts, flip through the album below to find a list of our most helpful hacks for stress-free travel.

Make a List

This season, it’s all about making your list and checking it twice, maybe three times. To keep you on track with your packing, create a detailed list so you don’t forget any of your travel must-haves. You can also use it when you're coming home, just to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

photo: Betsy Weber via flickr

  • Photo by: Betsy Weber
  • Photo by: Upupa4me
  • Organize Your Car Before the Trip
  • Photo by: Gigi Griffis
  • Photo by: emptyage
  • Photo by: Allen Lee
  • Photo by: Roadsidepictures
  • Photo by: Jenn Vargas
  • Photo by: Beatrice Murch
  • See Right Through

How do you pack for the holidays? What other shortcuts do you take? Leave us a comment below!