Time-starved parents would say that one of the most onerous parts of throwing a party for little ones is wrangling invites and managing RSVPs. Luckily, there’s a new batch of easy-to-use, well-designed mobile invite apps that aim to put party planning right in the palm of your hands. You are cordially invited to flip through our picks for best apps that’ll help everyone avoid being tardy for the party.


While many party invite apps still deliver invitations primarily via e-mail, Hobnob has cleverly bypassed the inbox. Instead, party invites can be designed and sent via standard text message. The app’s simple interface lets users effortlessly customize invitations, create and organize groups, and manage RSVPs—all through your smartphone’s text messaging application. Additional functions include real-time chat and the ability for guests to automatically share pics from the party. Handy push notifications, which can include directions to the party, mean there’s no excuse for missing out on the fun.

Available for iOS and Android, Free.


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—Kipp Jarecke-Cheng