When it comes to animal encounters, sometimes keeping it low key at a farm is just the ticket. Whether that means feeding a horse, petting a longhorn, or becoming a beekeeper, we’ve rounded up the most fun, functional, and famed farmlands from coast to coast. Flip through the slideshow below for everything junior aggies need to know.

Ride on Down to the Farm – Wyckoff, Nj

Family owned and operated, Abma’s Farm has sheep and cows to pet, rabbits to feed, ponies to ride, and plenty of fall hayrides and pumpkin picking. Visitors or schools can even rent an egg incubator and hatch their own ducks or chicks. If you’re in the area, this family farm offers summer camps as well as winter and spring break camps for 5-10 year olds.

Make the Most of the Season

On Saturdays through October (and starting in May), you can take that pony ride among the animals. After, be sure to pick up crackers at their market to feed the rest of the four-legged crew. Meanwhile, go “locavore” and check out the some 95 different kinds of produce they grow and stock throughout the year (their Fairy Tale eggplant sounds downright delightful!).

Abma's Farm
700 Lawlins Rd.
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Online: abmasfarm.com

photo: Kurt Wagner via Flickr

  • HarleyFarms-cc- penny via flickr
  • TractorKids - Schnepf Farms - via website
  • KidsFeedingHorses-Sun Valley Stables-via Chartlotte Stevenson
  • GirlLonghorn-Preston Trails Farm via facebook
  • FarmKids-Oliver Kelley Farm-via Minnesota Historical Society
  • GirlwithChickens via Stratford Ecological Center
  • GirlonTractor-Frying Pan Park Farm via Jennifer Massoni Pardini
  • GirlFeedsGoat-cc-Kurt Wagner via flickr
  • Queens County Corn Maze via Yabome M.K. Casper
  • TwoLlamas-cc-John Cudworth at Westpoor Park via flickr

Where do farm animals roam in your neck of the woods? Share with us in the Comments below!

—Jennifer Massoni Pardini