Snow Much Fun: 7 Great Sleds for Toddlers

One good thing that comes from a blizzard is the lovely blanket of snow that’s left behind; perfect for building snowmen, making snow ice cream, and—if you’re lucky enough—sledding. Before the next polar vortex hits, get your kiddo ready by snagging one of these toddler-friendly rides. Going over the hills and through the snow never looked so good!

Mod Pod
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Mod Pod

Strap still-wobbly toddlers into the five-point harnessed bucket seat of this super-functional sled. Side and rear storage pockets make it easy to stash dry mittens, snacks, and your camera (the bundled bambino will look too cute to not snap a pic or two).

TSL Didoo Sled, $45

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—Ayren Jackson-Cannady