Just yesterday she was toddling across the room to your arms; today she’s darting across the house on her tricycle faster than you can say, “outside toy!”  From playing make-believe and learning letters to squishing dough and riding bikes, three-year-olds are all about exploring, pretending, and creating. Take advantage of their natural curiosity, and check out our guide below to find out what’s cool for the “threenager” in your home.

Literati Book Subscription

Wouldn't it be great if you could take home those shiny new books from the bookstore before you bought them, just to see if the story "sticks?" That's exactly what the new book subscription service, Literati, offers little readers. For $9.95 per month, Literati will send you five hand-picked kids books per month—then you get to decide whether you want to keep them. Your kid can read and re-read the books as many times as she wants during the one-week trial time, then just pop the books back into the pre-paid box and return. Or, if you you find a keeper, you can buy the books at a 30 percent discounted price!

Books are curated with the help of top educators and librarians and separated into four age tiers for babies through age nine ("Club Sprout" is the age two-to four-year-old package). Packages also come with six personalized book plates, original artwork by a featured illustrator, a hand-written note, and some other surprises. These items, to your kids' delight, do not need to be returned.

Subscribe at Literati.com, $9.95 per month.


What’s on your three-year-old’s list this season? Let us know in the comments!

—Melissa Heckscher




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