Any parent will tell you that meal times feel the squeeze when the fall schedule kicks in. With a little juggling, though, getting ahead is a great strategy for family sanity around this time of year. Whether it’s doubling up a Sunday roast or batch prepping for the freezer, we’ve rounded up some of the best recipes that, with a few small tweaks, will add up to a week’s worth of packed lunches in no time. Flip through the slideshow to see them all.

Bacon Bites 

The smell of bacon is hard to resist, and even though there are healthier options, crispy rashers are just plain yummy. Cook up a batch and have some with scrambled eggs for Sunday dinner.—the leftovers can easily be crumbled onto salads, piled into sandwiches, rolled in a tortilla, baked in a quiche or put on a pizza. For the no frills option, put bacon bites in the bento box and add a sachet of ketchup. Or go for real indulgence check out this recipe for bacon brittle, a salty sugary treat at The View From Great Island—microwave cooking at its finest!

photo: The View From Great Island


Which recipes are kid-approved lunchbox favorites in your home? Let us know in the comments below.


——Emily Myers