Cereal, pancakes, toast or perhaps you’re looking for something a little more global for breakfast today. We’re serving up ideas from around the world from a savory English breakfast to a muesli and berry feast from Norway. Read on to discover what other families are nom-ming on after their alarm clock rings.

japanese breakfast - cc eeems via flickr

photo: eeems via flickr

Japanese Breakfast
When it comes to breakfast, Japan has a serious affair with set meals. Breakfast looks more like lunch and almost always comes with a bowl of rice. The side dish options range from 2-5 choices like eggs, soup, natto beans (fermented soy beans), salted fish, bacon, pickles and more. If a Japanese breakfast is in store for your family, remember to keep lunch and dinner on the lighter side!

iranian breakfast - cc petalouda62 via flickr

photo: petalouda62 via flickr 

Iranian Breakfast
Traditional Iranian breakfasts is built around their flatbread (also known as Sangak or Lavash). For those with a sweet tooth, there are spreadings like butter, cheese, honey fruit jams and more. On the savory side, there’s eggs cooked with tomatoes, cucumbers, walnuts or lunch meat.

norway breakfast - cc emma.maria via flickr

photo: emma.maria via flickr

Norwegian Breakfast
They don’t eat cereal in Norway. Instead they eat muesli, an unsweetened version of cereal that’s a cross between oats and granola. It’s full of fiber and with a little yogurt or cream and fruits, it makes for a healthy way to start the day.

english breakfast - cc george redgrave via flickr

photo: George Redgrave via flickr

English Breakfast
Also known as a “fry-up,” the English breakfast is not for the faint of heart. Tomatoes are typically the only veggies here while the rest is a punchy mix of beans, eggs, bacon, sausages and toast (which is pre-buttered). The best part of this meal is how it’s so easy to cook. Time-crunched chefs fry everything in one pan.

korean breakfast - cc Sherwin Huang via flickr

photo: Sherwin Huang via flickr

Korean Breakfast
While the variety of dishes may make you think of Japan, a Korean breakfast is starkly different. Families share many side dishes, most of which are pickled, along with a bowl of soup and purple rice. These side dishes are often prepared in advance and eaten throughout the day for every meal.

hong kong breakfast - cc Lummmy via flickr

photo: Lummmy via flickr

Hong Kong Breakfast
A Hong Kong morning meal is actually very different compared to breakfast in China. Many Hong Kong-ers will have a quick breakfast of macaroni and ham, toast with eggs or eggs and spam or bakery bread on the go. The broth is quite salty, almost like instant ramen. Some diners even serve macaroni with tomato soup and spam.

brazilian breakfast - cc julian-g. albert via flickr

Brazilian Breakfast
If you’ve ever been to Brazil, you’ll remember the abundance of fruit, and fruit takes a huge place in Brazilian breakfasts. Papaya is usually the main choice, and it’s eaten alongside bread, cold cuts and cheeses. In Portugese, the word for breakfast translates into ‘morning coffee,’ so you can guess what moms and dads are drinking in the a.m.

indian breakfast - cc sujith via flickr

Indian Breakfasts
Like many other countries and cultures, Indian breakfasts have many options. From paratha (stuffed bread) to dosa (breakfast crepes), each region of India has their own specialties. The dish pictured above is called an idli, a steamed Souther Indian savoury cake made of lentils and rice.

venezuelan breakfast - cc garrett ziegler via flickr

Venezuelan Breakfast
It’s all about the meat, carbs and cheese for Venezuelans. Known as arepas, these pockets can be filled with anything little tummies want, but the most popular combination is of chorizo, avocado, eggs, cheese and beans.

chinese breakfast - cc Theron LaBounty via flickr

photo: Theron LaBounty via flickr

Chinese Breakfast
Dim sum is traditionally a breakfast for family gatherings. A day to day Chinese breakfast is much simpler. It’s a delicious combination of noodles, jook (rice porridge) or soup and some bread (ranges from fried dough to steamed buns) to keep the body charged for the day.

egyptian breakfast - cc sara browning via flickr

Egyptian Breakfast
An Egyptian breakfast is perfect for families on the go. The most basic combination is of flatbread and cheese. For those with a little more time, the option of including sausages, yogurt, tomatoes and more.

french breakfast - cc chris goldberg via flickr

French Breakfast
The French don’t often take the savory route when it comes to breakfast, but that doesn’t mean they eat dessert in the a.m. either! Quick breakfast meals include a croissant or baguette with butter, which they dip into their hot chocolate or coffee. Your little ones will have a blast nomming on chocolate soaked bread for breakfast.

spanish - cc trevor huxham via flickr

Spanish Breakfast
Also called “tostada con aceite,” a typical Andalusian Breakfast is toasted bread with olive oil, mashed tomatoes and salt. Adults will eat this with coffee while kids can enjoy a glass of orange juice. Feeling a little luxurious? Add a little slice of ham!

mexican breakfast - cc megg via flickr

photo: megg via Flickr

Mexican Breakfast
Mexican breakfasts look like a party waiting to happen – and you can eat them for any meal (just throw an egg on top). Pictured above is a yummy dish of vegetarian chilaquiles, a comfort food that features lightly fried tortillas as the base of the dish. Top it with salsa or mole, garnish with cream, cheese, onion rings and avocado for a well rounded meal.

thai breakfast - cc andrea williams via flickr

Thai Breakfast
Dim sum to go, sticky rice topped with mango – there is no order to which meals are eaten in the morning in Thailand. Some people eat soft boiled eggs in a shot glass, with a pinch of pepper, while others take the time to sit down and have a bowl of joke, a thick rice porridge that has the consistency of oatmeal.

american breakfast - cc ruth hartnup via flickr

American Breakfast
Nobody does breakfast with bread the way the USA seasons it up. Pancakes, waffles, french toast… all these yummy dishes have been reinvented to include fruity sides, peanut butter fillings or even fried chicken!

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— Christal Yuen