Starting solids is a big step in your baby’s first year (for both of you!). The journey of prepping, feeding and cleaning up each and every meal can be messy and time consuming. But these gadgets and feeding gear faves can help make the switch to solids easier.

Reduce the Mess of Puree Feeding

Blast off to easier feeding with this cleverly shaped silicone food-dispensing spoon that doles out baby food one bite at a time. Just load it up with one of your delicious homemade purees, hold it to your baby’s mouth and squeeze. Voilà: one-handed feeding. Soon your baby will be squishing his own breakfast into his mouth.

Available online at; $10.99.


Baby's First Spoon

Made from silicone, the baby feeding material du jour
Olababy's OlaSprout leaf-shaped spoon is designed to help baby scoop foods with ease. The special shape even aids them in cutting and slicing foods and keeping them in place when traveling from bowl to mouth.

Available online at; $14.95.

The Plate Made for Dipping

You may soon learn that offering a dip makes exploring new foods more fun and more likely to succeed. The First Years' Inside Scoop Dip Plate is made for these types of meals. You'll also love that the suction base keeps it in place on the table and a curved rim helps newbie eaters successfully get food onto their forks. Dip, dip, hooray!

Available online at; $7.99.

An Easy-Clean Bib

You won't believe the amount of food dropped, dripped and dribbled when you start solids. This bib with an easy to rinse out silicone pocket attempts to catch it all.

Available online at; $7.99.

A Self-Feeding Miracle

Let your baby try her hand at feeding herself with Boon's answer to mesh feeders. Fill Pulp's silicone teething feeder with squishy fruit or steamed veggies and your tiny diner can gnaw on them and get nourishment through tiny holes. You'll love that it's easy to clean - even in the dishwasher. And Baby will love that it's easy to grasp. For teething baby's, freeze first for a cool and soothing treat to chew on.

Available online at; $5.99.

The Less-Mess Placemat

The ezpz Happy Mat will change your baby feeding experience for the better. Not only does this silicone placemat stay in one place on the table, but it also doubles as a divided dish making cleanup a breeze. Just wash the whole thing - in the dishwasher if you please.

Available online at; $24.99.

The No Brainer Method for DIY Purees

So you want to be a baby-food chef? Go ahead -- there’s nothing to it with the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker Complete, a compact, all-in-one countertop appliance that can steam-cook, blend and create pouches of purees.

Available online at; $129.99.

The Secret to Ditching Sippy Cups

Tired of cleaning out tiny straws and multi-piece sippy cups? It's time to get your little one drinking from a real cup already! We promise they'll be skilled enough to do it before you believe. With Skip Hop's Zoo Turn & Learn Training Cup the transition is easy. This cup lets them drink as they would out of a regular cup, but includes an insert that only allows the water to trickle out when drinking and saves you from major spills when tipped over.

Available online at; $10.

The Easiest Way to Cut Food

You’re going to be cutting up a lot of teeny tiny bites in the very near future. Arm yourself with Piyo Piyo's Multi-Functional Food scissors and save time over the old fork-and-knife method. They'll make it quick to snip nibbles out of fruit, pasta, chicken and more.

Available online at; $14.99.

Your Starter Set for Starting Solids

Not sure what you need when you first start feeding baby solids? This comprehensive set from 4moms is a good base. You'll get four bowls with lids that make feeding and storing foods easy. Along with a plate, a fork and a spoon. Ready, set, feed!

Available online at; $39.99.

The Placemat You Can Take Anywhere

Munchkin's Go Folding Placemat comes in both pink and blue. The silicone mat sticks to any table and has a rim to help keep liquid spills and rolling berries contained. When mealtime is over, simply fold it up and snap it shut before you take it to the kitchen to ensure you don't make a trail of Cherrios and milk o the way. This is also a great solution to keep in your diaper bag for dining out.

Available online at; $15.

The Secret Star for Slurpable Foods

Is it a spoon or a straw? It’s both! You might not think you'd use this hybrid feeding tool, but's bowl works great with the liquid-y, slurp-able food babies and tots love: cereal, yogurt and smoothies. Bonus: it comes with a special snack top so you can use this for taking dry cereal or crackers on the go, too.

Available online at; $14.

The Funky First Spoon Baby Will Love

Razbaby's raspberry shaped spoon is equally as wonderful for teething babes, thanks to its bumpy gum-massaging surface, as it is for novice feeders.

Available online at; $5.99.

The Microwave-Free Way to Warm Purees

If you're a baby-food-making whiz, then you'll love this gadget. The Lillypot is made from stainless steel and has three pods for frozen purees. All you need to do is set it on top of a pot like a lid and turn on the heat. This is great if you're a parent who isn't fond of microwaving baby's food.

Available online at; $29.95.

Cut Grapes in a Flash

Grapes are a perfect baby snack — fun for tiny fingers to grasp; sweet and easy to chew. But you have to quarter them up for safety’s sake, a task that will start to drive you crazy around, oh, grape number 1,274. The new OXO Tot Grape Cutter takes some of the work out of the equation, and you can also use it on pitted olives and grape tomatoes.

Available online at; $9.99.

What is your favorite feeding go-to for your baby? Let us know in the Comments!

— Julie Seguss



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