Make Baby’s first beach day a winner from the first time he dips those tiny toes in the water to the end of the day when you take home an exhausted, sandy bundle with these must-haves. You’ll find everything you need (and more!) for a great beach day here, from a sun tent to swim diapers. Don’t forget your SPF!

The Best in Sun Protection

Keep your little one's sensitive skin shaded with a wide-brimmed hat - we love this one because If it gets wet during a swim, the fabric will dry quickly. Then add a sun protective rash guard or suit. Hanna Andersson offers a variety of colors and prints all in a fabric that blocks 99 percent of the sun's rays.

Available online at, $22 and up.


The Top Towel

Cuddle up with your beach babe post-swim in a cozy, hooded towel. We love this trendy cactus and donut print option. Looking for something more girly? Try a mermaid or pink anchor print instead.

Available online at, $13.49.

The Cutest Swim Diapers

If you'll be swimming a lot this summer, go for a reusable diaper in an adorable print like these from bambino mio - we're partial to the purple pineapples and blue ocean drop. They're cuter, less bulky and even fit better - so messes tend to stay inside more than their one -time-use counterparts.

Available online at, $11.40.

The Floatation Winner

If you're in calm waters, let baby laze around in this float made for those ages 8 to 24 months. The inflatable toucan has IG-hit written all over it. So be sure to capture plenty of adorable first pool day shots!

Available online at, $30.

The Way to Corral a Crawler

If your baby is crawling and you don't want him heading all over the beach, pack a small baby pool like this one that can be stored in a flat zipper bag to pop up when you're ready to use. Fill with a little ocean water and add a few small toys. If you're lucky, he'll play happily, stay cool and never realize he's big enough to scale the sides!

Available online at, $39.98.

The Coolest Shades

Protect tiny peepers behind a pair of pint-sized sunglasses from JoJo Maman Bebe. Choose from 5 colors, and add an optional strap to ensure they stay where they belong.

Available online at, $12, plus $6 for optional strap.

The Best Spot for Napping

A beach tent - especially one that's flat-folding and easy to pop-up - is a smart way to keep your little one safe from the sun. We love this stylish option from Pottery Barn Kids. Pack some fun toys and your mini beach bum should have fun playing in the shade. We also love this tent as a spot for napping babies and it can be used as a place for nursing if you're looking for more privacy.

Available at, $99-$129.

The Do-It-All Beach Bag

Here's a beach tote that's more of a system than a simple bag. It comes complete with 4 buckets and 2 shovels, perfect for introducing Baby to the art of sand castle making, along with a soft cooler to keep snacks and bottles chilled. Everything fits into an easy to carry shoulder bag, that's equipped with outside pockets for important extras. You'll definitely enjoy this bag long after the baby stage.

Available online at, $78.50.

The Newborn Solution

Got a brand new baby? Even though you should keep the tiniest of babes out of the sun, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy some maternity leave downtime at the beach. Bring an On-the-Go Baby Dome and your baby can nap or play in the shade. A dual canopy system blocks shade from all angles. You'll also love that the whole thing folds flat, making it easy to take anywhere.

Available at, $69.99.

The Shoes Made for Sand & Surf

If your little one is walking already, protect her feet from the hot sand, rocky terrain and even under water with a pair of Stride Rite Phibians. The extra-grippy, flexible sneaker is made for playing in and out of water. Beyond the beach, they're be your go to for splash pads and pools.

Available online at, $38.

The Best First Sand Toy Set

Your little might not be ready to build his first sandcastle yet, but with this beach toy set from B. Toys, he'll be able to explore the shore. It comes with a bucket, a shovel, a rake, 4 sand molds, a watering can, a truck and a spinning pinwheel sure to mesmerize Baby if the beach doesn't do that on its own.

Available online at, $25.19.

The Wet Suit Solution

Before you head home, you'll want to strip wet and sandy suits off your kiddos. Stow them in a waterproof wet bag so everything else in your tote doesn't get soggy.

Available online at, $6.

The Stroller Made for Sand

Strollers and sand don't mix. Word to the wise - dragging it backwards is the easiest option. But, if you're beach regulars and want to give yourself a break try Beach Wheels. These specially designed, extra-wide makes rolling surf-side smoother. For now they only work with Entourage strollers, for which they're easy to pop on and off to switch out with standard wheels.

Available online at, $59.99.

The Protective Cover-Up

Don't forget to pack something to keep baby warm after swimming in the ocean. Coolibar's Hooded Cover Up Poncho is a smart choice as it offer UPF 50+ protection in a cape style.

Available online at, $38.

The Smart Swim Diaper

Babyganics swim diapers have a genius color changing design made from water-based inks. The diaper starts will one green frog on it, but once your baby goes into the sun, a water scene will appear. Then, after about 20 to 30 minutes of sun exposure the frog will change color. This is your reminder to take a break in the shade and/or reapply sunscreen.

Available online at, $9.99 and up.

The Ultimate Blanket & Cooler

One part water-resistant, easy-to-tote blanket and one part cooler bag, this two-in-one product is a must for beach trips. Keep your baby's bottle, sippy or snacks cool and your spot in the sand dry all in one fell swoop.

Available online at, $45.


What’s your must-have product for taking Baby to the beach? Share your tips in the Comments.

— Julie Seguss



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