Make Baby’s first beach day a winner from the first time he dips those tiny toes in the water to the end of the day when you take home an exhausted, sandy bundle with these must-haves. You’ll find everything you need (and more!) for a great beach day here, from a sun tent to swim diapers. Don’t forget your SPF!

The Way to Corral a Cralwer

If your baby is crawling and you don't want him heading all over the beach, pack a small baby pool like this one that can be stored in a flat zipper bag and then pops up when you're ready to use. Fill with a little ocean water and add a few small toys. If you're lucky, he'll play happily, stay cool and never realize he's big enough to scale the sides!

Available online at, $24.95.

What’s your must-have product for taking Baby to the beach? Share your tips in the Comments.

— Julie Seguss