Looking for the best sunscreen for your baby, bag and budget? We’ve compiled 10 great options that offer plenty of protection for your child’s soft skin, whether you’re strolling the city or splashing at the beach. Remember to reapply at least every two hours to prevent burns and click through the gallery to find your best coverage.

Best Mineral Sunscreen Value

If you prefer a mineral sunscreen (these block the sun with a physical barrier, not chemicals), Blue Lizard is your best budget-friendly bet. This lotion is top-rated by both consumers and the Environmental Working Group, which reviews sunscreens based on ingredient safety. Fun fact: The bottle turns a deeper pink when UV rays are present, so it’s great for extended outings in the sun.

Available at toysrus.com, $17.99.


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— Eva Ingvarson Cerise, Julie Seguss & Kelly Aiglon

featured image by Boudewijn Berends via flickr