You go through more wipes than ever imaginable for such a teeny-tiny being. With a whole lotta wipes comes a whole lotta empty boxes. So what to do? Recycle them with one of these cute and practical ideas. From genius storage to sensory toys you can build together, you’ll find an easy project below.

Make a Sensory Game
Go from wipe time to play time. Use recycled bottle caps and mark each with a letter of the alphabet. Then, feed the “alphabet monster.” You can also sort by color or use different objects and sort by shape. Get the tutorial from I Can Teach My Child by clicking here.


photo: I Can Teach My Child

Grab Bags
Wet clothes. Spare snacks. Stinky diapers. Sometimes you just need a few extra plastic bags lying around to deal with the unexpected. Make this cute cache for all of the grocery bags cluttering your cupboards. The Thriftiness Miss shows you how to do it on her blog.


photo: The Thriftiness Miss

Go Loco for LEGOs
If baby has an older sibling, you know that LEGOs end up in every nook and cranny you could possibly imagine (or not even imagine). Help keep these little blocks contained, and out of the reach of your baby, with this storage box that doubles as a creation station. Blogger kv.barn shows you how to do it here.


photo: kv.barn 

Build Baby’s First Laptop
You may attempt digital detox after your baby is born, but it’s just too easy to sneak an email in every now and then. This faux laptop is easy to make and won’t expose your tiny tots to any actual screen time but will still allow them to type away just like mom and dad. Get the scoop on how to build it at She Wears Flowers.

she-wears-flowers wipes case laptop

 photo: She Wears Flowers

Play Peek-a-Boo
There is nothing that excites babies more than pictures of themselves and opening and closing things. This wipe box-turned-toy accomplishes both. The I Can Teach My Child Blog has turned the box top into a mini house with functional windows and doors that reveal pictures of baby and family members. Find out how to pull if off by clicking here.


 photo: I Can Teach My Child

Organize Art Supplies
As your baby grows, so does the amount of stuff you have lying around the playroom. To help keep those precious art supplies organized, create these cute wipe-turned-craft boxes — the perfect size for storing pencils, crayons and markers. For the tutorial from Sweet Shoppe Designs, click here (and scroll down a bit).


photo: Sweet Shoppe Designs

Introduce Math Skills
You may have to wait until your child is a little older for this one, but it’s a fun way to teach numbers. Turn the tops of wipe boxes (or travel packages) into game show-esque revealers and you have yourself a way to introduce the concept of counting. For smaller tots, pictures of animals, different textured items and family photos would also work well. Mrs. Karen’s Preschool Ideas shows you to the how-to on her blog.


photo: Mrs. Karen’s Preschool Ideas

What have you done with your empty baby wipe containers? Let us know in the Comments!

— Samantha Lande, with production by Christal Yuen