A tight budget doesn’t have to mean a drab nursery. With a few supplies and DIY ingenuity, you can turn the most important room in the house into a stylish haven full of fun and functional twists. Read on for easy and inexpensive nursery design ideas.

Decoupage Outlet Covers

Dress up white walls with fun and funky outlet covers. This quick and easy makeover turns your plain switch plates into creative pieces of art. All you need is decorative paper and Mod Podge. Visit The 36th Avenue for all the details.


Custom Initial Painted Canvas

Laverne and Shirley-style monograms never go out of style. That's why this easy DIY is the perfect way to add a splash of color to your baby's nursery. They're completely customizable and can be made with less than five supplies. Stop by <a target="_blank" href="http://www.lovemaegan.com/2012/10/diy-gifting-custom-painted-initial-canvas-for-baby.html" target="_blank">Love Maegan</a> for the simple tutorial.

photo: Tabitha Blue

Newborn Wardrobe Shelf

Put adorable newborn outfits on display when they're not being worn. It's a smart way to make the most out of your space, and get use out of those tiny outfits. And, since this stylish decor was made for less than $20, you'll have extra bucks in the bank to spend on ... more cute clothes, of course! Head over to the fabulous Fresh Mommy for the tutorial.


photo: Veronica Blushing

Baby Card Nursery Art

The outpouring of love you feel when you're pregnant is something you wish you could bottle up, save and share with your new baby. Thanks to blogger mom Veronica Blushing, there's a way to do just that. Turn the cute cards you received at your baby shower into inexpensive wall art for the nursery.


photo: Stitched by Crystal

Fabric Storage Bin

Parenting mystery #2874, how does such a small infant, who spends her entire day sleeping, eating and cuddling possibly accumulate sooooo much stuff? It's a question that stumps every new parent. Luckily, there are plenty of bins, baskets and boxes available to help you stay organized. Before you start surfing the web for one to buy, check out this tutorial on Make it Love it from Stitched by Carol  on how to make your own stylish fabric storage basket.

Framed Musical Lullaby

Jazz it up! Whether you're a jazz enthusiast, a blues fanatic or just have a favorite lullaby, it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that there's a creative and inexpensive way to share your love of music with your wee babe. Featured here on Project Nursery is Ella Fitzgerald's rendition of "Lullaby of Birdland" {recorded in 1952} framed with a pink mat. Such a cool way to add personality to your new favorite room.

photo: Little Umbrella

DIY Keepsake Shadow Box

If you got it, show it! This easy little project is the perfect way to commemorate your baby's birth or first year and makes for beautiful artwork for the nursery. Rather than keep those special keepsakes and photos packed away, out of sight, use this inexpensive project to put them on display. Visit Little Umbrella to get all the sweet details on this easy do-it-yourself project.

Photo credit: Little Umbrella

photo: Make It Love It

DIY Crib Skirt

Full disclosure — this one requires a sewing machine. But, if you're good with a needle and thread, this basic crib skirt is the perfect way to add color and detail to your baby's nursery. Customize the color, and print to meet the rest of the room's decor and see how a simple crib skirt can instantly bring a room together. Skirt over to Make It Love it for the full tutorial.

photo: The DIY Village

Dollhouse Top Shelf

Got a bookcase you want to pretty up? This Ikea Hack takes crafting to the next level. Start with an Ikea BILLY Bookcase (or other shelf you've already got) and end with a beautifully colored and decorated dollhouse. We thought that might get your attention! Visit The DIY Village for the full tutorial. Now your little one will enjoy this for years to come!]

DIY Hoop Chandelier

It's amazing how much time our sweet babies spend staring up at the ceiling. Why not do yours a favor and make sure there's something interesting for her to set her gaze upon. We think this clay chandelier mobile from the super talented crew at Design Mom is a genius way to add color and whimsy to your nursery without  breaking the piggy bank.

Photo credit: Amy Christie

Modern-Chic Name Display

Here's an art project that’s easier than A-B-C. All it takes is rearranging letters (handmade or store-bought), a little spray paint for finesse, and a homemade tissue tassel garland. Mount a frame around your creation to really triple-fold the modern art factor. Follow Oh So Lovely’s cue here.

Photo credit: Oh So Lovely

Emerald Gradient Dresser

Keep grandma’s old dresser for the memories. All you have to do is sand down and prime the wood to keep the paint looking fresh — what a way to give nostalgia a brand new look! Still Being Molly even re-did her childhood bookshelf with the same stunning green ombré results here.

Photo credit: Still Being Molly

Dainty Crib Railing

Forget gummy covers — protect your tiny chomper’s mouth (and their crib) with this beautiful fabric railing. We’re no sewing experts, but August Joy Studios promises an easy tutorial! All it takes is a bit of cloth, a few moments of measuring and a lot of patience. Plus, it’s much easier to match the crib railing to your room when you’re the one making it.

Photo credit: August Joy Studios

Rustic Corner Shelves

A small apartment is no excuse for limiting your library. Reading nooks can fit anywhere, like those four spacious corners of your home that'll even help keep the mess off the floor! Stuff With A Story used plywood to build their space. Make sure to support your shelf with a thin trim or brackets from Ikea.

Photo via Handmade Home

Wire Planter Shelves

Turn your crawler’s fluffy friends into decorations by giving them wire planter homes along the wall. Vary the size of the wire planters for intrigue, and secure them with nails (or tack putty). For more visual aids on using thrifted goods for an European inspired nursery, visit Bleubird Vintage.

Photo credit: Bleubird Vintage

What are your favordite DIY decor tricks? Let us know in the comments below!

— Aimee Della Bitta & Christal Yuen