Whether you’re searching for a bottle to add to your baby registry—or searching for a new brand because it’s time,  we have you covered. These new and noteworthy bottles are made from BPA-free plastic, glass, stainless steel and silicone. Innovations abound, from formula-mixing bottles to breast-like nipples. Click through the gallery for the very best in bottles.

The Coolest Gadget for Formula Feeders

When feeding formula on the go, packing water and powder separately (and trying not to spill them when it comes time to mix) can be cumbersome. This clever little product, the Mixie Formula-Mixing Bottle, aims to make all that easier. A special airtight compartment keeps formula powder dry while the rest of the bottle is filled with water. When it comes time to blend, you just push a button and shake, and the formula is mixed with no clumps. Genius!

Available at amazon.com, $16.99.


What’s your favorite baby bottle and why? Let us know below.

— Julie Seguss & Eva Ingvarson Cerise